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Iridient Developer 3.3 macOS

iridient developer 33 macos

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Iridient Developer 3.3 | macOS | 14 mb
Iridient Developer is a powerful RAW image conversion application designed and optimized specifically for (Mac OSX). Iridient Developer gives advanced photographers total control over their digital photographs, yet still provides easy drag and drop batch conversion and access to basic adjustments for the casual user.

Advanced Sharpening and Noise Reduction Algorithms
Iridient Developer offers SIX advanced sharpening methods, including "Iridient Reveal", a "super" sharpener utilizing aspects of both state of the art edge enhancement techniques and deconvolution, traditional unsharp masking, high pass, difference of gaussians, a unique "hybrid" sharpening algorithm and an advanced Richardson-Lucy Deconvolution based method. All are processed in a special 32 bits/channel floating point color space to avoid color artifacts and provide amazing detail. Powerful hot/dead pixel filters and new, state of the art noise reduction methods help eliminate noise, especially from images taken with long exposures or high ISO settings.
All sharpening methods also now support advanced edge masking for limiting the sharpening effect to just edge regions while leaving "flat" or low contrast areas of the image unchanged.
High Quality Image Resizing
Whether down sizing for the web or producing massive prints for gallery display, Iridient Developer offers a wide range of resizing methods that allow you fine tune the level of output to best suit your own preferences from incedibly high levels of sharpness and detail to smooth, artifact free output.
Fabulously Flexible Camera Color Specification
Iridient Developer includes support for just about any camera color specification imaginable from industry standard ICC color profiles to DNG color matrix values to the latest DNG v1.4 camera profile (DCP) specification to camera manufacturer specific color metadata. Iridient Developer provides incedible control over establishing the ideal color starting point for your photos whether you want to use custom camera profiling solutions or simply to match a color look provided by the camera manufacturer or just about any other RAW processing software.
Extensive Image Adjustment Options
You're in total control of every step of the conversion process, fully editable tone curves in RAW, RGB and LAB color spaces, advanced highlight recovery, white balancing, noise reduction, sharpening, exposure compensation, brightness, contrast, saturation and more.
Super Monochrome (Black And White) Conversion Options
High quality black and white conversion options including direct access to RAW image color planes, standard RGB channel mixers, perceptual LAB lightness based conversion, luma, desaturation, intensity, custom duotones and other toning options including curves.
Fast, High Quality Image Previews
RAW developer allows you to view and make all image adjustments while viewing a full resolution, fully color managed, 16 bit per channel preview.
Advanced Histogram View
Supports 256, 512 or an extra wide 1024 levels of detail. Viewing modes include RGB, individual R, G, B channels, all three colors at once, CIE Lightness, CIE Luminance, CIE Chroma (ab), luminosity, hue and saturation.
Fully Configurable Color Management
Support for two high quality color management engine options including Apple's ColorSync and LittleCMS 2.6 which includes full support for the latest ICC v4.3 standard. Ability to specify camera or image specific input profiles, RGB working space profiles for image adjustments and final image output profiles. Automatic support for LAB and chroma color space curves without any manual color space changes.
Unlimited batch processing
You can continue making image adjustments while other images are converted in the background. Supports, easy drag and drop image conversion with flexible file naming options and support for multiple file formats including JPEG, TIFF, PNG, JPEG2000 and more.
Multithreaded and vector processor (SSE3+) optimized
Iridient Developer takes full advantage of multi-core and multi processor systems and the advanced vector processing capabilities of Intel processors. Highly optimized for all the latest and greatest (Mac OSX) technologies including Grand Central Dispatch (GCD), 64-bit processing, Core Image, Quartz Extreme and more. All image processing is handled by secondary threads so your real time editing work is never blocked waiting for export processing to complete.
Support for IPTC, XMP and EXIF v2.3 metadata
EXIF, IPTC and XMP metadata is supported when exporting to TIFF, PNG or JPEG image formats.
"Processing Disabled" Output Mode
Ability to bypass all image adjustments and all color matching operations for fast, high quality export of linear files intended for further processing with other image processing programs or RAW workflows. Also useful for creating non-color matched output for use in generating custom camera or scene profiles with ICC camera profiling software.
Compatibility: OS X 10.8 or later 64 bit

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